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Profile of Jeff Allen, National President of the Electric Energy Society of Australia

Jeff has been involved in many areas of the electric energy area for over 50 years. He completed a degree in Electrical Engineering from Sydney University in 1967 and has also undertaken many professional development activities and formal technical and management training courses during his career.

Jeff joined the Electricity Supply Engineers Association of NSW (the predecessor organisation to EESA) in 1977 and was awarded the Conway Prize (best paper by a member) at the ESEA Annual Conference in 1979. He joined Engineers Australia as a member in 1983 and became a Fellow of Engineers Australia in 1994.

As well as many engineering roles, Jeff held a number of executive positions in various companies during his career. These include CEO, GM Networks and GM Network Services at Integral (now Endeavour) Energy, CEO of Energy Auctions (now Energy Action Ltd), CEO of AK Power Solutions (now part of Insulect) and Director Client Services at EMS Solutions. For the past 19 years Jeff also consulted widely in Australia and New Zealand in the areas of network regulatory and pricing submissions, best practice asset management, engineering consulting, business process re-engineering, procurement best practice and culture change management.

Jeff held a number of board positions with various companies for varying periods over the past 22 years.

  • Member of the “Advisory Board” - AK Power Solutions - 2011
  • Director (and Chair of the Risk Management Committee) - Sydney Credit Union (SCU) - and Director Prospect Credit Union from 2004 to 2008.
  • Director - Energy Auctions and Lowestbid Ltd – 2000 and 2001.
  • Managing Director - Integral Energy – 1998 and 1999
  • Managing Director InfoMet – 1996 to 1998
  • Director - Tyree Optech – 1996 to 1999

In addition to the above roles, he held a number of “industry committee” positions as follows.

  • Member of the Visiting Committee, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Wollongong.
  • Member of Standards Australia Electro Technology Board.
  • Member of Energy Industry Export Council
  • Chairman of the Distribution Directorate – Electricity Supply Association of Australia
  • National Councillor – Australian Quality Council
  • Director – the Electricity Supply Association of Australia
  • Chairman of the National Committee on Electric Energy, Engineers Australia
  • Member of the Electrical College Board, Engineers Australia
  • Member of the NSW Energy & Water Ombudsman Council
  • Governor of the Electrical Engineering Foundation, University of Sydney
  • President of the Electricity Supply Engineers’ Association of NSW (now the EESA) – 1994/95
  • Chairman Electricity Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) Task Force on Equipment Rationalisation
  • Member of the ESAA Networks Division Executive Committee
  • Chairman Electricity Council of NSW, Procedures and Practices Committee
  • Member of the EESA’s NSW/ACT Chapter Committee since 2015

Jeff was elected Chair of EESA’s NSW/ACT Chapter committee in early 2018 and has been a member of EESA’s National Council since 2016.

Jeff is committed to contributing to the ongoing success of EESA, and the role of National President will allow him the opportunity to work with all EESA members to ensure that EESA continues to deliver the best services to its members.