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The aim of the award is to recognise excellence in the field of Electrical Power Engineering and to encourage students to consider a career in the Electric Power Industry, in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution, retail and end use of electric energy.


The nominated candidate will receive:

  • A framed certificate provided by EESA;
  • A cheque;
  • One-year subscription to EESA; and
  • A conditional invitation to EECON.


The nominated winner should be selected on the following criteria:

  • Academic Achievement: High academic achievement in electrical engineering in areas of study directly applicable to the Electric Power Industry (EPI); and
  • Project: Best project (or thesis or similar) by an electrical engineering student with direct relevance to the Electric Power Industry (EPI).
  • Preference should be given to applications where the fields of study or project are specifically directed toward the requirements of the Electric Power Industry; however consideration should also be given to students with studies or projects which could be applicable to a wide range of industries where the student can show applicability to the Electric Power Industry.


The nominee for the award must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • be eligible to be a student member of Engineers Australia and EESA.


Your School is invited to make a selection of an appropriate student based on the above criteria and nominate a single submission for this award. The application should include:

  • a covering letter from the School endorsing the student’s application as having been selected as best meeting the criteria stated above;
  • an application letter to EESA from the student, including address and contact details;
  • a copy of the student’s academic transcript to date;
  • subjects currently being studied where results are not yet available; and
  • a description of the project, special studies or the like and how they meet the above criteria. 


Nominations should be received by the due date. The nomination will be assessed by the EESA VIC Committee and notification to the School and student will be made.


The award will be presented at the next EECON conference awards evening. The date and time of presentation will be advised.