Carnarvon Distributed Energy Resource Trials - Exploring High Penetration DER

Carnarvon Distributed Energy Resource Trials - Exploring High Penetration DER


Horizon Power’s System Blueprint studies have predicted that a high penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) will be a more economical method of delivering energy into microgrids than the traditional centralised generation supply model, particularly in high-cost systems, in the short to medium term. Recent trends in DER and the availability of new products have highlighted the need to review Horizon Power’s policies for connection of renewable energy devices to its networks.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded Carnarvon DER trials aim to resolve the technical, operational and transitional barriers to a high penetration DER business future, and will leverage Horizon Power’s experience and pioneering use of distributed energy storage to build capabilities in the management and optimisation of high penetration renewable energy generation in remote microgrids.

Conducted over three years, and working with a team of researchers from the Engineering and Energy Discipline at Murdoch University, the trials will gather a vast amount of coincident weather, network, DER and power station operational data as a foundation for complex analysis of the impact of weather changes on DER performance and the subsequent impact on network operation.

The trials will also examine distributed energy resources through a variety of behind-the-meter energy systems tests, with the aim of better understanding how to manage the variability of renewable energy, and ultimately increasing PV system penetration throughout our remote networks.

Tonight's presentation will examine the structure of the living laboratory environment built in Carnarvon, data collection, analysis and visualisation and the engineering and social science learnings carried into Horizon Powers business practices.


Mr David Edwards, Technical Visionary, Horizon Power

David is the Technical Visionary at Horizon Power working in the Operational Technology Integration team – solving problems in a risk-averse environment.

Over the last ten years, David has focused on the development and execution of complex projects that pioneer innovation and discovery. He has adopted a ‘problem led’ leadership approach where he focuses on the problem(s) at hand and seeking a solution he creates an opportunity for learning, research and development. He leads by delivering solutions to Horizon and is most comfortable at the intersection of technology and customers.

He’s interested in being provoked to act creatively and looks for an opportunity to react to the provocation. As a Technical Visionary, he moves across multiple disciplines and contributes to strategy by looking ahead to future scenarios, seeing possibilities and assembling talent.

He seizes on some intriguing, inspiring, barely-solvable problem, and frames it in a way that draws other smart and skilled people toward it. He’s comfortable working with people much cleverer than he is and inspiring them to solve difficult problems.

“If I can assemble a team that excels at the things that I’m not good at, then I can focus on my strength which is creative problem-solving.”


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Tuesday 11 June 2019

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