Powerline Bushfire Safety Short Course

Powerline Bushfire Safety Short Course


The over-arching goal of this course is to increase the powerline bushfire safety capability of Australia’s electricity network businesses. On completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • The local history of catastrophic fires started by electricity networks and responses to them.
  • The implications of future long-term weather trends on network fire risk.
  • How networks start fires and the relationship between faults and fires.
  • Modelling of fire risk as a prioritisation tool for investment decisions.
  • Recent research into ignition from arc faults, vegetation faults and wire-down faults.
  • Network design and operation elements that most strongly influence network fire risk.
  • The role of undergrounding, covered conductor and ACRs in cutting fire risk.
  • How network earthing options (including REFCLs) can cut powerline fire risk.
  • The theory, simulation and practical realities of different network earthing treatments.
  • Victoria’s regulatory fire-safety performance standard for networks for high fire risk areas.


The course will involve both information delivery and discussion, and guided hands-on use of simulation tools. Information delivery will be by industry engineers involved in Victoria’s powerline bushfire safety program and leaders of ignition research projects.

  • Duration: 4 days – Monday mid-day to Friday mid-day
  • Timing: 24th to 28th of June 2019.
  • Location: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne
  • Delivery Organisation: Monash University Grid Innovation Hub
  • Sponsor: Professor Dr Tony Marxsen, ECSE Department, Monash University
  • Ideal for: Electricity network engineers (planners, protection and control, etc.) and university researchers/students
  • Continuing Professional Development: Maximum 32 CPDs
  • Options: two-hour workshop on Monday morning on network earthing options ($400)


Event Details

Midday 24 June - midday 28 June 2019


Monash University Clayton Campus

Melbourne VIC


5% discount for EESA members.
Early-bird (until 24 May):
EESA members: $3800
Non-members: $4000
Full price:
EESA members: $4275
Non-members: $4500


Monash University Grid Innovation Hub and EESA VIC Chapter

Maximum CPD Hours