WEBINAR | Electrolysis Corrosion Caused by Stray Current

WEBINAR | Electrolysis Corrosion Caused by Stray Current


Corrosion of metals can be categorised into four main types. The least aggressive forms of corrosion can be attributed to general corrosion where anodes and cathodes distribute corrosion currents on the surface of a metal which are typically in the order of µA or smaller. A more aggressive type of corrosion can be found when the anode/cathode driving voltage increases due to contact between dissimilar metals in a common conductive medium such as water or earth. This type of corrosion is known as galvanic corrosion and typically is another order of magnitude higher then general corrosion. The next level more aggressive then galvanic corrosion is electrolysis corrosion or commonly referred to as stray current corrosion. This type of corrosion is caused by stray current from dc sources such as cathodic protection systems, battery charging facilities and sola generation etc. With the increased driving voltages due to the use of external power sources, stray current in the ampere range can cause rapid corrosion by conduction through 3rd party assets that share the common medium of earth or water. Arguably, the most severe form of corrosion is due to stray traction current where corrosion current magnitudes readily reach ten to hundreds of amps.

This webinar outlines the characteristics of electrolysis corrosion with an emphasis on stray traction current effects and management strategies.


Jim Hickey, Ausgrid, Newcastle, Australia

Jim Hickey is the Electrolysis Engineering Officer at Ausgrid. Jim has over 36 years’ experience with Energy Authorities covering electrical testing, earthing design and assessment and electrolysis corrosion fields. Jim is also the Chairperson for the NSW Electrolysis Committee and is an active member of the Australian Electrolysis Committee and the Australasian Corrosion Association NSW and Newcastle Branches. As Ausgrid’s ACA accredited Corrosion Technologist, Jim is responsible for managing the electrolysis corrosion aspects of Ausgrid’s electrical network.

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Wednesday 14 August 2019

11am - 12pm (AEST)


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