Optimal Deployment of Distribution Automation Devices

Optimal Deployment of Distribution Automation Devices

Join us for a series of three webinars designed to share our strategies and experience with reliability improvement on distribution networks. 

Today in webinar one, we will explore key strategies to improve distribution network reliability, including segmentation and looping of feeders. We will discuss how these strategies improve SAIDI, as well as utility cost of deployment and the total cost of reliability considering the value of customer reliability (VCR). We will also discuss the impact of momentary interruptions and compare the benefits of common feeder configurations to minimise the impact on customers.


Greg Schellenberg | Manager, Applications | S&C Electric Company

Greg provides support and specific application knowledge on S&C’s products to customers in the Asia Pacific region. Greg has been involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from automation of distribution feeders to improve network reliability, to power quality projects where battery energy storage solutions were provided. Greg is currently a registered E.I.T with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, and before moving to the S&C Asia Pacific business unit was an active member of the IEEE PES/IAS local Chapter in Alberta. Greg holds a B. Eng. Electrical Engineering specialising in Electrical Energy System from the University of Victoria in British Colombia, Canada.

Zunash Ijaz | Application Manager | S&C Electric Company

Zunash provides support and specific application knowledge on S&C’s products to customers in the Asia Pacific region. Zunash is an experienced electrical engineer in understanding and developing power system protection schemes, automation schemes, SCADA and communication testing, and site commissioning. Zunash holds a Master of Engineering Management, a Graduate Diploma of Microelectronics Engineering, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

Ernst Camm | Senior Manager, Consulting & Analytical Services, Asia Pacific | S&C Electric Company

Ernst provides support on S&C product applications and consulting and analytical studies in the Asia Pacific region, and has been involved in distribution automation, renewable integration, energy storage, and microgrid deployment projects. Ernst has more than thirty years of power industry experience and is a Past Chair of the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Wind and Solar Plant Collector System Design Working Group, as well as the Integration of Renewable Energy into the Transmission and Distribution Grids Subcommittee. Ernst holds a BSc degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Cape Town and a MSEE degree from the Ohio State University.

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Thursday 13 August 2020

3.30pm - 4.30pm AEST


Online webinar




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