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EECON 2019 – Call for Papers and Save the Dates

27.03.19 Penelope Lyons

Overview: EECON 2019 – Call for Papers and Save the Dates JEFF ALLEN, EESA NSW/ACT CHAPTER CHAIR   This...

The EESA NSW Annual Electric Energy Conference – an Overview

10.10.17 Penelope Lyons

Overview:   The conference was well attended with more than 160 people at the Dockside conference centre in Sydney. We had about the same numbers attend...

Electricity Shortfalls for the Next Two Summers

01.09.17 Robert Barr

Overview: Examination of the AEMO short term generation/load outlook for the next two years on the electricity “Medium Term Outlook” dashboard of

Endeavour Energy Announces New CEO

01.09.17 Penelope Lyons

Overview: Endeavour Energy’s Independent Chairman, Robert Webster, today announced the appointment of Mr Tony Narvaez as Chief Executive Officer, effect...

Finkel Electricity Review – A Blueprint for Future Success or Failure?

01.07.17 Robert Barr

Overview: The Australian East Coast electricity industry has not been in such a perilous state since about 1975 when rolling blackouts in NSW caused major in...

Can Hydrogen Play a Role in the Changing Energy Mix?

25.05.17 Rodney Kelloway

Overview:   On the 20th March, EESA NSW Committee member Jeff Allen attended an event in Sydney hosted by Siemens which covered presentations on the top...