CIRED and CIGRE Working Groups on Electricity Grid Resilience

CIRED Working Group 2016-1
Examining distribution grid resilience against extreme climatic events, under the following topics:
  • Impact of different events on the electricity supply system
  • Interdependence of electrical infrastructure and others (eg. Water, telecommunications, transport)
  • Evaluation of needs and existing resilience
  • Strategies for planning, control and operation
  • Overall strategies for cities in case of HILP events including strategies of activities
  • Role of innovative networks, energy storage devices and dispersed generation on resiliency
This Working Group proposes to submit a draft report by May 2018, with formal presentation of the final report in the second half of 2018.


CIGRE Working Group C4.47
Examining electricity grid resilience in a broader sense, under the following Scope of Work:
  • Current efforts being conducted to protect critical infrastructure
  • Definition of power system resilience in electricity sector
  • Appropriate approaches and methodologies to be followed for analysing power systems resilience
  • Metrics to quantify the resilience performance of a power grid in the face of a disaster (High-impact, Low-probability event)
  • How do we decide on and plan investment portfolios for boosting resilience?
  • How should we define the critical infrastructure and the interdependencies between critical infrastructures?
  • Policy and regulatory framework to create an environment to encourage the adoption of prudent decision making. 
This Working Group proposes to prepare a series of Technical Brochures, tutorials, papers and journal articles over the next three years.


EESA NSW Chapter member Terry Lampard is participating in both Working Groups. Please do not hesitate to contact Terry for further information. Seek his contact by sending us an email using the contact form.




EESA members involved on Standards Committees

Rodney Hughes  (EL050) Power System Control & Communication 
Dr Bill Carman  (EL-024) Lightning protection 




NEW CIRED working groups – looking for members

Published: February 2018

The CIRED Technical Committee are currently looking for members to join the following newly created working groups.

Load modelling and distribution planning in the era of electric mobility View terms of reference
Digital DSO : new opportunities and challenges to improve the experience of customers and to increase their engagement in distribution system operation      View terms of reference
Technical requirements for the operation of microgrids in both interconnected and islanded modes View terms of reference

If you are able to actively take part in the activities of these working groups, please send your expression of interest including your contact details and CV to EESA at by 10 March 2018.