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Nominations for the 2025 Young Power Engineer of the Year Award will open soon.



Network Performance Engineer, Tas Networks

Joshua graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2018 with a Combined Bachelor of Engineering and Science. He began lecturing electrical engineering undergraduate students during this time, and has since taught many units across power, communications and electronics engineering at the university.

Joshua currently works as a Network Performance Engineer at TasNetworks, where he has been leading technical performance assessment of the existing North-West transmission network in preparation for potential future renewable energy projects. He has demonstrated skills in power system modelling and performance assessments. He is presenting work completed by him and his colleagues at the CIGRE Symposium in Cairns in September 2023.

Joshua has also been involved in the distribution substation replacement program, where he developed a new approach to scoping and streamlining replacement work to achieve the targeted replacement numbers for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 regulatory periods.


The Electric Energy Society of Australia developed this prestigious national award which recognises emerging engineers for their outstanding contributions and exceptional achievements in the field of power engineering. This award celebrates the achievements of young power engineers and supports their continuous development within the power industry by providing the opportunity to attend an EECON conference and an international CIRED or CIGRE conference. This award also encourages young members to maintain long-term involvement with EESA as they develop their technical knowledge and become future leaders within our industry. In the past, this award has been made jointly by the Electrical College Board of Engineers Australia and EESA.


The applicant must:

  • Be an individual EESA member.
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be an Electrical Engineering graduate (of six years or less).
  • Be currently employed in the power engineering industry with less than six years of experience.
  • Not have previously received this award.
  • Be nominated by an EESA corporate member or be self-nominated.


The application must:

  • Demonstrate signification contribution to the power industry (max. 800 words).
  • Demonstrate contribution to the power community e.g. EESA or Engineers Australia (max. 800 words).
  • Detail an example of a technical contribution to the power industry, e.g. a project or pioneering solutions.
  • Include two signed reference letters in support of the nomination, at least one must be work-related.
  • Include a current headshot and a short bio outlining your experience (to be published on the EESA website)


The winner will receive:

  • Paid travel, accommodation, and registration for an international CIRED or Cigre conference. The winner will be asked to submit a written report on their experience, to be published in the EESA bulletin.
  • Paid travel, accommodation, and registration for an EECON conference. The award will be presented at EECON.
  • A spotlight article on the EESA website and in the EESA bulletin.
  • Complimentary EESA membership for one year.


Nominations open: soon

Nominations close: TBA

Winner notified: TBA


The winner will receive paid travel, accommodation, and registration for one EECON conference and one international CIRED of Cigre conference:


Please note that, if in the opinion of the judging panel, no suitable candidate is nominated in that year, the judging panel has the right to decline the making of an award in that year.

For more information about this award, please contact us.