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The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) is a not-for-profit organisation and a Technical Society of Engineers Australia (EA), established to advance interest in the field of electric energy. Membership is open to individuals and organisations interested in the purpose and objectives of the society, with our key objective being to provide a continuous professional development program to members. The Australian electric energy industry is subject to radical restructure and reform, so we are committed to meeting the changing needs of members.


  • To be a national and regional based learned society, focusing on electric energy
  • To be active in career development, information sharing, and provide opportunities for continual learning
  • To promote electric energy, with an emphasis on engineering technology, as well as management
  • To provide the expert focus of Engineers Australia in electric energy matters
  • To be active across all broad categories of electric energy; including generation, transmission, distribution, retail and end-use applications of electric energy
  • To stimulate research and innovation in the fields of electric energy generation, transmission, distribution, retail and end-use applications
  • To improve communications with, and networking, of members
  • To recognise member contributions and increase membership, in particular to increase the number of young Australians developing careers in the electric energy industry
  • To run effective conferences, symposiums, seminars, webinars and technical site visits; satisfying event needs by developing close relationships with suppliers
  • To promote EESA members to the community, represent community interest in electric energy industry matters, influence government energy industry policy, develop good working relationships with the media and improve relationships & co-ordinate activities with other industry groups, in accordance with Engineers Australia guidelines
  • To encourage members to seek formal recognition of their competency and continued professional development
  • To exchange and disseminate matters related to the electric energy industry with like organisations both locally and internationally


  • To host conferences, symposiums, seminars, webinars and technical site visits for continual professional development
  • To disseminate relevant information to members
  • To promote the electric energy industry and profession through media publication, in particular the proceedings, journals and other publications of Engineers Australia
  • To provide expert advice to industry, government and the community on electric energy matters