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"The New Landscape - Challenges and Opportunities"



DAY ONE - Monday 22nd November 2021

Welcome and Official Opening

Keynote Address on Evolution and Challenges in our Electricity Industry

  • Opening by Minister
  • Keynote address by Violette Mouchaileh Executive General Manager, Emerging Markets and Services  AEMO
  • Mr Peter Price, Executive GM - Energy Queensland  

Morning Tea in Exhibition Area

Opening Plenary – “Is the Electricity Supply Industry in Revolution or Evolution?”

•        CEO – Western Power Mr Ed Kalajzic                                                    

•        CEO – Horizon Power Ms Stephanie Unwin                                            

•        CEO – Synergy Mr Jason Waters

•        Coordinator of Energy - Energy Policy WA (EPWA) – Kate Ryan 

•        MD - Siemens Energy Australia - Michael Bielinski

Lunch served in Exhibition Area

Session 3A: Do our Regulations Enable or Block?

  • Anticipated NEM rules redesign following security paper release in Jan – David Swift
  • SWIS Capacity Contestability  -  Marcel Oosthuizen   
  • A Gigawatt Wind Farm at NEM - Grid Connection Challenges – Dr Lasantha  Perera

Session 3B  -  Controls that work

  • Resolving interoperability challenges in connecting diverse DER fleets to the grid – Dr Andrew Mears
  • Control, Automation and Protection of Renewable Generation Plants – A practical view – Rob Susanto-Lee 
  • Hybrid Microgrid Solutions: New Developments. Applications around Australia  -  Rod Hayes

Afternoon Tea in Exhibition Area

Session 4A: Managing DER in our Network

  • DER impacts on Power Network under frequency load shedding – Daena Ho     
  • Contingency Management in a High Distributed PV Environment - Rachel Tandy
  • Enhancement of Power Grid Transmission limits using Solar PV inverter Technology at Night (Q at Night) and Day  -  Sunil Verma

Session 4B: Adding Hydrogen to the mix

  • Smart Sun - Horizon Power's Regional Virtual Power Plant  - Crystal Spinner  
  • Residential Behavioural Demand Response Program – Bani Tachril     
  • DER orchestration – Project Symphony – Andrew Blaver



Networking Drinks and Conference Dinner in Exhibition Hall


DAY TWO - Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Option Breakfast Keynote Session - tickets available now

"Changing Our Minds" with celebrity keynote, to be announced soon

Session 5A: Energy Storage Projects

  • The role of hydropower storage in grid reliability and resilience – Paul Molnar     
  • Pole Top Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage Program – Naveen Joseph     
  • The Advantages of Flow Batteries - Steven Hickey



Session 5B: Using Storage Innovations

  • BESS Lessons Learned  -  Marcel Oosthuizen          
  • Grid forming energy storage with microgrid controls provides green hydrogen, enhanced reliability, reduced site costs and lower emissions. ATCO Clean Energy Innovation Hub (A Case Study). – Stephen Sproul     
  • Operationalising DER (Lessons learned from BESS projects) - Cameron Owens 

Morning Tea in Exhibition Area

Session 6A:  What has worked well and work in progress

  • Generation and grid requirements to power large scale ammonia bunkering at Australian ports – Martin Hay
  • Transitioning Onslow Microgrid to 100% Renewable Energy Operation – Lee Uchich       
  • Grid forming energy storage with microgrid controls provides green hydrogen, enhanced reliability, reduced site costs and lower emissions. ATCO Clean Energy Innovation Hub.  -  Mehdi Toufan and Dr Mansour Mohseni

Session 6B:  Managing Assets

  • Load Shedding Scheme in an Islanded Power System: Case Study -  Leonardo Torelli     
  • New Tasmania - Victoria HVDC Marinus Link – Dan Sinkovits 
  • Update on managing network low voltages & stability – Ben Bristow




Lunch served in Exhibition Area

Session 7A: Futureproofing our Networks

  • Cigré tutorial on Fibre Reinforced Poles  -  Peter Dulhunty      
  • Let’s look at the ultimate goal - Net Zero Emissions by 2050 – Ian Nichols 
  • Driving Earthing Risk Down  -  Bill Tocher





Session 7B: What do our electricity networks need? 

  • Machine Learning driving the shift to condition-based asset management and optimising remaining useful life -  Dr Naser Hashemnia
  • Distribution Fault Anticipation Waveform Diagnostics Technology, Applied to Proactive Asset Management of MV/HV Feeders… Changing the way the Distribution Industry does business.  -  Keith Gilby         
  • Using High-Resolution Oscillography to Improve the Performance of Controlled Switching for Transformers –Brett Hampson   

Afternoon Tea in Exhibition Area

Closing Plenary –-“What to do now? – A personal perspective”   

  • VIP Speaker - Hon Bill Johnston, MLA. WA Minister for Energy                                             
  • VIP Speaker – Robert Barr                                                                             
  • VIP Speaker – Miranda Taylor – NERA                                                 
  • VIP Speaker – Adam Osseiran – Hydrogen Society
  • VIP Speaker – Cameron Parotte AEMO WA                                           
  • VIP Speaker –Gary Bryant - General Manager Asset Strategy, Alinta Energy


Closing remarks  - Jeff Allen EESA National President